It’s done!

It’s a little over a month after I wanted to have my house listed but it is now officially done! After many many months of hard work I am so happy to say everything is finally finished and I finally feel like I can breathe! I’ve done a lot of touch up jobs and a lot of small things that I won’t bore you with.  Here are a lot of before and after pictures! I’m just finishing up some paper work, figuring out pricing and looking to have my house listed by the end of this week!!




Now to the inside…

IMG_9260IMG_9297IMG_9256-1photo-115photo-117IMG_3262photo-116photo-118IMG_9254IMG_3259IMG_3258IMG_3261IMG_9261IMG_9263IMG_9262IMG_3264IMG_3266IMG_3265IMG_9277 IMG_9278IMG_3272IMG_3271IMG_9284IMG_9289IMG_9285photo-129photo-130photo-131IMG_9292IMG_9293IMG_3267IMG_3268IMG_9251photo-128

Well…I believe that covers it, minus the basement and the garage those look the same…

IMG_9267 IMG_9268

I did however replace that bottom section of the garage door that is rotting and I removed some shelves from the basement to open it up a little more…


This house has become my life for the past 15 months. I have put A LOT of blood, sweat and tears into it…literally. Even though my time with it is very close to being over I’ve have learned a lot through this project and I hope that whoever lives in it next will continue on with what I have started. No matter where I am or where I’m living a little part of me will always be with this house. I’m ready to move on and start the next journey in my life and am excited to create a home in California again. Until then, for the next few weeks, our heart are anchored in this little cottage we call home…


2 Comments on “It’s done!”

  1. Pam Williams says:

    So incredibly proud of you and all the work you’ve done! Congrats on such a cute house! Love you!

  2. Alison Ross says:

    I’m a little late seeing this but I LOVE everything you did! Lots of hard work and love in the place!

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