Hammocks, Birthdays and Summer…

Well by now I think it’s safe to say I suck at this whole blog thing…I’ve just been too busy working hard at enjoying the summer…

Once again there has been a lot that has gone on since the last time i posted…

I turned 26! Yeah that’s my birthday cake. Go ahead and be jealous. It was beyond awesome.

The 4th of July…

And apparently my name has been changed to Trish. I know I mumble but come on…how do you get Trish out of Gretchen?

As far as the house goes, it has had some major changes as well this summer. Especially on the outside.

A few pictures of the house when I moved in…

And the back before a little demolition…

West enjoying his patio one last time…

My backyard looks huge now! It also looks like a petting zoo currently. Waiting for a little cooler weather so I can start growing some grass.  Right now its just a bunch of dirt and hay.

And for the front…

This single picture says it all. The landscape is still not 100% complete. Still have a little bit of planting to do but it’s definitely made a HUGE difference so far!

As always, our hearts are anchored in this little cottage we call home…

2 Comments on “Hammocks, Birthdays and Summer…”

  1. Life at the Highlands says:

    Its about time you updated! Love the house, love the landscaping, love my nephews and love you! Wish you were here this weekend!!

  2. Pam Williams says:

    Looking good! Love ya!

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