Wow, I’m finally getting around to update another post. My apologies for going M.I.A. In my defense I have been pretty busy doing things like…

finding trees that resemble E.T….

going on road trips…

feeding sheep…

crossing paths with hungover kangaroos…you get the point.

I unfortunately haven’t had much time to work on the house but I think things might be slowing down a bit so that’s a good sign! Like I said I haven’t done much but I finally finished the desk for my office and got it in place, and the whole “getting it in place” was not easy. Solid wood doors are extremely heavy and large and carrying it up a flight of stairs is not a fun task. I’m fairly positive that door weighs more than me so needless to say it was an interesting experience trying to get upstairs to the office! I loved the way it turned out and there is no way you can beat a $4 giant desk!

The bench and the chair are new additions which I got for free as well.  A few weekends ago it was “big item pickup” in my neighborhood, so for me it was like heaven. Everything people set out as there trash soon because my treasure! My garage is now full with things I may never find a use for but at the time I felt like I had won the lottery.

Another great find from the large item pick up was an old flowerbed that with a little work I turned into a coffee table.

All it took was a good cleaning, some sanding, removal and tightening of a few screws and a piece of glass. Only $46 was the final cost!

Other than that not to much else has been done as far as improvements on the house, but I will say, going to the farmers market every weekend is allowing the kitchen to get some great use…

…yeah, it was as good as it looks!

The house is still a long way from being done but one thing is certain,  it’s filled with good food and great love!

Our hearts are anchored in this little cottage we call home.

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