The Office Continued…

Finally! It’s done! Being painted that is…

I finished painting to office last night finally. It looks a thousand times better. Now, I just need to furnish it. Its crazy to think about how people furnish their homes. Especially very large ones. It’s expensive enough to buy a home and then trying to furnish one is a whole nothing huge expense in it’s self. It’s ridiculous! I’ve am having to furnish the majority of this house because I didn’t have much moving into it. When I lived in California I had an extremely small studio that literally had a desk, a dresser, and a bed. Now I have to somehow manage to fill a two bedroom home. Since my budget is still extremely small estate sales and thrift stores are my best friends. The only problem with those is you have to be patient. You can find some amazing deals but it may take you a while to find exactly what you’re looking for, but if you do. Its worth it!

In my last post I showed a mirror and a couch that were recent finds. I also found an amazing chair at goodwill the other day. This bad boy cost me $30 and I love it…

A few other steals I have found are these…

The lamp was a HomeGoods find for $20 and the bar set was in the clearance section at Home Decorators, and the furniture piece is an old 1960s Magnavox record player cabinet that I got for free from some friends of mine who were moving to Nashville. They said it didn’t work and it was too big to take so I gladly took it off their hands and put faith in the little fellow that I could get it to work. Sure enough all it needed was a new needle (which actually came with the record player) and to have a good bath and I got it spinning 45s in no time!

I love this thing and I love even more that it was free!
So back to the office…here are a few finished pictures! I’m on the hunt for a large, but not bulky desk, for the right side of the room and a nice futon for the left side. I want to incorporate some other sort of sleeping space so not all my guests have to share a bed with me and my pups.

I really happy with the way it turned out now I just can’t wait to get it decorated!


In other news…

still waiting for the baby robins to hatch but mama is taking good care of them,

I have a lot of what I think to be rhubarb growing in my back yard,

aaand my neighbors apparently don’t know how to mow their lawn. lame. although it makes mine look better its getting a little out of hand. I’ve mowed 3 times and they have yet to.


Last but not least I must mention the two best deals I have yet to find and they will certainly be hard to top…

Jasper was free because someone was trying to get rid of him and West was a birthday present for my 23rd birthday.

Even though they were free I would’ve given everything I had for these two boys. They are priceless and always will be.


our hearts are anchored in this little cottage we call home…

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