I’ve slowed down a little bit this week. I’ve been exhausted. I think all the work and stress is finally starting to catch up with me now.

Looks like I’m not alone.

Thankfully I’ve had an overwhelming good response to my blog and it’s really helped me stay on task and focused. Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to check out my journey.

Also a big thanks to the two following things for waking me up and keeping me energized everyday…

The mini keurig! I don’t know where I’d be without it. Thanks mom!

and my daily alarm clock. If he wasn’t so cute he would drive me nuts in the morning.

I’ve continued to work on the office. Painting should be done by Friday which is exciting. It’s taken longer than expected because I’ve had to put three coats of paint over the bottom layer of the room that was painted navy blue. The hard work is paying off though and its looking great. I can’t wait until it gets done and I can get things organized in there!

Not the best pic but a quick reminder of what the office looked like before.

The walls in this house are insane. On average, per wall, there are probably about 10 nail holes. At least 40 a room. I have no idea what the people had on their walls before I lived here but it is crazy. Several holes are much larger than a nail too, so there is no telling. Those are two walls from the office. It definitely required the most patch work so far.

Excuse the clutter on the floor. All this other work has left me unpacking very very slowly. As you can see half the room is done and looking good!

On another exciting note…I got a new couch. This is probably my favorite estate sale find so far! I love it and I can’t wait to get the family room done so I can showcase this bad boy!

It huge and incredible.

One more great thrift store find was this mirror…

note: this picture is taken off the internet because I can’t seem to find where the before picture of my mirror ended up, but this is what my mirror looked like when I purchased it.

and after…my $10 thrift store find looks brand new and the boys liked it too…

We will leave it on that note and a hi-five to another successful day…

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